New Remedy Pest Management (NRPM) is an integrated pest management industry leader offering safe and effective pest services in Kolkata. We protect homes and businesses from all types of pests. Any business or house located in or around these areas can avail themselves of our services. We offer professional and friendly pest management service to all our loyal clients. Our latest knowledge and skills provide our clients with the best solutions for their pest control needs.

We have set the benchmark in the pest control management industry since 2008. Our dedicated team provides commercial pest control, residential pest control and termite control solutions for all kinds of situations, including termite baiting, termite control procedures, termite inspections and timber pest inspections including pre purchase inspections. Do not risk buying your dream home only to find it full of termites.

So, whether it’s termites, cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Insects, and Rats, we have pest control solutions for all. These insects look very little but they can cause huge damage to your property and family health if proper steps are not taken at the right time. Before they become active at your house or office, hurry up and call us for pest management! We are just a call or a click away. Before it is too late.